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We can help you get where you want to go day or night 24/7. So, if you're locked out of your car -- call us!

Who We Are
No one wants to end up stuck in the cold in a parking lot, or in the street. Or stuck somewhere on a warm summer night!
No one knows any better than we do that you want to just get in your car and drive away. And you can once we arrive on the scene. The Quick Locksmith has been successful in helping people in emergencies throughout Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan and the Bronx do just that for 15 years – drive away with a minimum of wasted time!
Don't get caught in a parking lot or on the street, or without being able to drive your car out of your own garage for a day or a night! Call Us!

In fact . . .

Whether you are as far as Coney Island, Long Island or as high as the Bronx, as long as you are in the Triboro area, why not print out our Business Card and keep it somewhere handy so you never get locked out of your vehicle for very long!

The Quick Locksmith – 750 Crown Street – Brooklyn, NY 11213 – 347-615-5775